Student members

The atmosphere in the lab is very collegial. Student lab members are invited to participate in all phases of the research process: from thinking about issues in cognitive development, to designing studies, collecting and analyzing data, as well as writing reports for the scientific community.

Students (and former students) with whom I have published articles include: Rosemary Lever, Stephanie Pagan, Felicity Martini, Gene Ouellette, Noriyeh Rahbari, Eleanor Thomas, Narges Arab-Moghaddam, Laura Young, Michèle Basque,  Anne Hargrave, Karen Daley, Ernie Hudson, Penelope Lawson, and Jo-Anne Monker.

Prospective students. Graduate students accepted in my lab will receive funding in the form of a research assistantship. In addition, graduate students may receive a scholarship as well as a teaching assistantship from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Carleton (further information is found in your application package for graduate study).

Prospective students are encouraged to apply to NSERC and SSHRC for graduate scholarships.

You can contact Monique Sénéchal ( directly to find out more.